2016 page 365.

Writing the last page of 2016, am out of words and my ink is drained, the last 364 pages have drained my word library, but with few hours remaining, I can’t miss this two words to drain my pen with, the words ‘THANK YOU’, Thank you  to the most high God for taking me through 2016, thank you for loving me anyway despite my shortcomings, thank you for staying when everybody else was leaving, thank you for healing my heart, body and soul when I almost lost them all, thank you for every single day that you gave me courage … Continue reading 2016 page 365.

Shocked by Sin.

Eve should have told the devil to walk his shoe “atembeze kiatu” Instead, she just let him fill her head with alot of questions “kama zile za polisi” and she looked at the fruit “kukula kwa macho” long enough to consider its taste. People who fall into sin make that mistake all the time. If you want to be safe from sin “usalama unaanza na wewe“, don’t look at it. Don’t spend time staring at it ati “#kuangaliatu” or thinking about what it would be like to have it or do it. Joseph did the right thing when his boss’s … Continue reading Shocked by Sin.

King David’s Praise Concert.

When you are in Gods presence and it’s time for praise,  just do it. When the holy spirit is upon you don’t limit the anointing worship like you’ve never before. Sing and Shout like this is the last breath you have, lift your hands and praise Adonai, go down on your knees and worship the King of Kings. King David went further than all this, he was dancing with all might, to a point where his wife Saul’s daughter Michal didn’t approve, She made exaggerated accusations saying King David was disrobing “naked” 2 Samuel: 6. 20. When David returned home … Continue reading King David’s Praise Concert.

Give Me Back My Heart.

It was written all over your face, In your behaviour, it was embedded, With a sincere heart and confidence in love, I said I love you, Under the breath of your innocence, You said you love me back, And now you want to break free? Jealously I swore to guard your heart, True and pure love is what I felt for you, To love another you would never, Trading my love for someone else, Angels of love guarding your heart, Never would they let it fade away, And now you want to break free? Even when am miles away, In … Continue reading Give Me Back My Heart.