Asian Crush

It was all gone, but the flow is back, I can hear it from a distance. Down the foot of Baekyang Mountain the stream runs. Peace of mind is what I find when the streams gurgle, burbles and splashes all night,    Oh! how I wish they get this message to you, straight from my heart My Asian Crush. In the silent of the night, far different our thoughts are, You ride on the bright ship of heavenly dreams, I swing on the bed of thoughts thinking, “have I ever crossed your mind?” If the silent of the night would speak out,  I would … Continue reading Asian Crush

Breast Cancer Month.

    I don’t know where you came from, i don’t who dropped you at my place and showed you where i lived, you in started with my with those that i loved most, you didn’t spare any, young and old, mothers and daughter, wives and sisters.I thought you were done till you came in and got into fathers and their sons, you took away their joy and peace by affecting their breast with an infection that has forever tormented us, I might not know where you came from, but I know where you are heading. You are heading to … Continue reading Breast Cancer Month.

Special kind of love.

A ONE-WOMAN kind of man has purposefully cultivated a special kind of blindness. The Bible in the Old Testament, This one woman kind of man called Job put it this way: “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustful at a girl” (Job 31:1) Job is making a commitment to a special kind of blind love, he really didn’t want to be associated with ancient day “teammafisi” Let’s carefully observe what Job is saying here. He isn’t making a commitment to never notice an attractive female. That would not only be ludicrous but would require a supernatural kind … Continue reading Special kind of love.

Its all about love.

There is a lot of talk about love, we use the word every day and in different ways. But what is love, really? There is no power greater than love, Psychologists say that the most basic human need is to be loved. Love can motivate people to do things for people that they wouldn’t normally do.Love can cause young people to do foolish things at times. Love gives meaning to people who would otherwise have no purpose in life, The greatest love of all times is, A man laying his life for his friend, Jesus’ love is the perfect example that … Continue reading Its all about love.

Father God’s Love.

Have you ever sat down and thought how this world has mistreated and misjudged you, to a point where you feel that there is no one who cares for you? just get this, “people won’t care until that time you show that you care, they won’t cherish till you do it and they won’t value you till you show strongly you value yourself.   You’ve been tortured for so long, by the negative thoughts that you are not loved, good looking, wealthy and that you will amount to nothing, huh!? just because somebody shouted at you that they hate you … Continue reading Father God’s Love.