Special kind of love.

A ONE-WOMAN kind of man has purposefully cultivated a special kind of blindness.

The Bible in the Old Testament, This one woman kind of man called Job put it this way: “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustful at a girl” (Job 31:1) Job is making a commitment to a special kind of blind love, he really didn’t want to be associated¬†with ancient day “teammafisi”

Let’s carefully observe what Job is saying here. He isn’t making a commitment to never notice an attractive female. That would not only be ludicrous but would require a supernatural kind of blindness, good-looking girls and stunningly beautiful women are everywhere, you can’t help but see them.

There is a difference, however, between seeing a beautiful woman and lusting after her, Job’s point is simply this: there is a difference between a look and a lustful look…

We are all familiar with this one guy who can’t walk one block without giving some woman the once-over from head to toe, he will even stop dead in his tracks in the flow of pedestrian traffic to turn and watch her as she goes by.

A one-woman kind of man is a man who demonstrates his commitment by discipline his eyes by practising this special kind of blindness.


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Life is made up of so many things that inspires us, But as for me i choose to be inspired by God and the life He has given me, He is the source of every inspiration in me and everything He puts in my heart i put it down on a paper to inspire that one person who needs inspiration in their Life.

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