Its all about love.

There is a lot of talk about love, we use the word every day and in different ways. But what is love, really?

There is no power greater than love, Psychologists say that the most basic human need is to be loved. Love can motivate people to do things for people that they wouldn’t normally do.Love can cause young people to do foolish things at times.

Love gives meaning to people who would otherwise have no purpose in life,
The greatest love of all times is, A man laying his life for his friend,
Jesus’ love is the perfect example that we can imitate in receiving and giving true love.

In this month of love, give someone a purpose to live by loving them, motivate someone by acts of love, and those who don’t love you, be a fool love them madly because those who hate are the one who lacks it more.

Always remember, of this three will remain faith,hope and love, But love is the greatest of them all.


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