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Living in a culture that is different from your own can be exciting adventure and a challenging process at the same time. Regardless of which country you come from, it is common for all international students to go through a period of cultural adjustment. Understanding this adjustment process and getting support through this transition will help a student have a more fulfilling experience, both academically and personally.

Culture is relative and is clearly seen when different cultures perceive other cultures differently. As an international student, I was exposed to many new customs, habits and ideas. But I tried the best I can to avoid labeling them as “good” or “bad” according to the new culture that am part of, I have kept in mind that there may be parts of this culture I might dislike or disapprove of, but these are part of a broader social system, and therefore they make more sense inside this system. been exposed to a highly developed modern
society rooted in the nation’s 5,000 year old rich history is a lifetime experience.
The extensive spread of the Korean Wave appeals to international
students, who often feel intrigued by all aspects of Korean tradition
and culture.

Appreciating other cultures and understanding them better is one the best ways that can help in adjustment, been involved in cultural events that promote those cultures creates a sense of belonging and acceptance

Been part of Vietnamese New Year’s Celebration held in Busan, South Korea was such a breathtaking moment, interacting with people different from my culture and celebrating their new year as they showcase their traditions created a home away from home feeling to me as an international student in South Korea.


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