Father God’s Love.

Have you ever sat down and thought how this world has mistreated and misjudged you, to a point where you feel that there is no one who cares for you? just get this, “people won’t care until that time you show that you care, they won’t cherish till you do it and they won’t value you till you show strongly you value yourself.


You’ve been tortured for so long, by the negative thoughts that you are not loved, good looking, wealthy and that you will amount to nothing, huh!? just because somebody shouted at you that they hate you it doesn’t mean everybody does, just because they said you are not beautiful it doesn’t mean you are, in the contrary its their reflection they see, so don’t stress yourself child, there is a love that is true that cover all this and relieves all this worldly pain, the love of Jesus.


God loves you more than anything, his love is so amazing and beautiful that he gave you his son Jesus,  who loved you so much that he let go his Kingship and lowered himself to a servant just to come and died for you at Calvary, all this he did it for love, so that you may know and understand, how much he loves and cares for you and to give you an assurance, that he does and he will always do till the end of time.


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Life is made up of so many things that inspires us, But as for me i choose to be inspired by God and the life He has given me, He is the source of every inspiration in me and everything He puts in my heart i put it down on a paper to inspire that one person who needs inspiration in their Life.

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