Shocked by Sin.

Eve should have told the devil to walk his shoe “atembeze kiatu” Instead, she just let him fill her head with alot of questions “kama zile za polisi” and she looked at the fruit “kukula kwa macho” long enough to consider its taste.

People who fall into sin make that mistake all the time. If you want to be safe from sin “usalama unaanza na wewe“, don’t look at it. Don’t spend time staring at it ati “#kuangaliatu” or thinking about what it would be like to have it or do it.

Joseph did the right thing when his boss’s wife dropped her clothes off at the palace,
Joseph didn’t hang out! He ran away “kutoka kijiko“. Why?
Because he was shocked at sin and refused to gaze upon someone whom he had no business with or given authority over.

This is where it all starts, security starts with you, it all lies in being shocked
enough by sin to run from it not to stare at it, resist “lenga story zake” the devil and he will flee “atajitoa tu” from you, just submit to the Lord and he will give you strength to conquer.

Genesis 3:1-3
Genesis 39:7-16
James 4:7


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