Give Me Back My Heart.

It was written all over your face,
In your behaviour it was embedded,
With a sincere heart and confidence of love,
I said i love you,
Under the breath of your innocence, You said you love me back,
And now you want to break free?

Jealously i swore to guard your heart,
True and pure love is what i felt for you,
To love another you would never,
Trading my love for someone else,
Angels of love guarding your heart, Never would they let it fade away,
And now you want break free?

Even when am miles aways,
In my heart you are stuck forever,
Pinned in my mind are your memories,
Forgetting your face i will never,
You reflect on my mirror everyday,
Deep in my heart you still rule,
And now you want break free?

My heart give to no other,
Let no one taste your sweet love,
My Kingdom let no one else rule,
A serenade soon you will hear,
The voice of your king you’ll remember,
Please give me back my heart,
I don’t want to break free.

Reply to “Soldier of my heart” by Charity Kuria


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