Prospective Ms.31

Beauteous as a summer morn you stand,
Just like the bright morning star you glow,
The star that led the Wise-men to Bethlehem, the city where Jesus was born the saviour of the human race,
The saviour who demonstrated real love by hanging on the cross, he did it all for Love.

If you happened to live in the reign of Solomon the wise King, you would have been the punchline to all of his love songs, fine poetry that triggered the rate of Zion daughter’s heartbeat, just by the mention of her name by the King.

Wait for a second! The king mentioned you! Yes! He did, in his art of wisdom and love, He called you a Proverbs 31 woman, My Ms 31 I call you,
Wise, hardworking, Caring, Charming, passionate and God fearing you are,
For sure he perfectly defined you, my queen, wish he knew that I will use his words to describe ‘La Mujer de mi Vida’ (The woman of my life)

Photo Credits: Elderly African American

So glad that the era of King David was way back because, my name would be in the history book for fighting an emperor over you, you hold the beauty that is way more refined than that of Bathsheba who caught the eye of the King and ended up been his concubine, I would have fought till the sun stand still, just to have you my Ms 31.

I’ve got my mind made up, I will remain a servant in the palace all the days of my life, serving the King will be my pleasure because I wouldn’t want to   be a centimetre away from the princess, I will serve diligently before just for you,

One thing am sure of is that one day, one day!  the King will plead my cause and grant me his daughter’s hand in marriage, the King will be my father in law, and I will be the Prince, the princess will be my forever Ms 31.


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