Before I Became A Man!

Everyone called me the man, the way I did it I did like a master. To those who like it slow I did their way, To those who like it hard I struck it hard to the deep end until they screamed, You are the man.

Big and small they were on my playing list, young and old it didn’t matter as long as they played, as per the rules of the game, but one thing you are sure of that would scream, You are the man.

Those who played it before always thirsted for more, the more they desired it and came for it that greater the list of players, the previous ones had no chances to get back in the game, but one thing that was predictable is that even the new ones would scream, you are the Man.

Champion was my new name, but not anymore, the game was so sweet I forgot who I was, day in day out a new girl wallowed in my bed, my throne of purity where I ruled as the king was drawn from me, I was left helpless and lost, stuck with echoes of, You are the man.

Soul-ties, guilt and shame wore me like my own clothes, my faith to please my creator was deeply drowned deep to fornication, yet I confessed every day with my mouth I am a believer, this always left a question will they still scream, You are the man?

In pain I slept and woke up, disgrace followed me like my own shadow, joy and cup of salvation had fallen from me and his presence had departed from me, my God! will he listen to my voice,  when i call on him?

Like a prodigal son, i went back home where I belong, my father whose endless love is relentless took me back in arms and washed me clean, I forgot all I was before I became a man.

I learnt to respect my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and my life as a living sacrifice, the power of the cross made me whole again, the throne of purity was returned back, the joy of salvation became my new songs, that’s the moment I confessed that Jesus is the man and at the same time I became a man.



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Life is made up of so many things that inspires us, But as for me i choose to be inspired by God and the life He has given me, He is the source of every inspiration in me and everything He puts in my heart i put it down on a paper to inspire that one person who needs inspiration in their Life.

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