Happy Family

There is no greater feeling like that one of having a good relation with those that are close to you.

Having a happy family depends a lot on, how you treat each other as member’s whose same blood flows in their veins, the attitude you develop on each other as you interact with each other and how you respond to situation that come along the way.
Happy parents who love each and fears the Lord is the constitute of a happy and an enriched family, love from parents rejuvenates the joy in the heart of every child, this makes a child to live their lives with confidence that the secret of a happy family is love, Joy and fear of the Lord.

The Bible says that  “train your child on the way he should go, and when he is old he won’t turn away from it. (Proverbs 22:6)
As parents when we love each and train our children the right things, we stir up a generation that is full of love, kindness,peace,generosity and knowledge of the word of God for generations to come.
Joy in a family is brought about by learning how to love,forgive and to live a righteous life.


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Life is made up of so many things that inspires us, But as for me i choose to be inspired by God and the life He has given me, He is the source of every inspiration in me and everything He puts in my heart i put it down on a paper to inspire that one person who needs inspiration in their Life.

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